We provide both services. Hydroseeding is superior for most applications, especially for homeowners.

Advantages of Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is the newer technology. Drill seeding dates back to late 1800's.

The grass seed germinates quicker because it has been soaked in the hydroseeder.

Your lawn is thicker much sooner because hydroseeding coats all the soil and drill seeding comes up in rows that fill in later.

We apply wood fiber mulch in our hydroseeding process that helps hold moisture and adds organic material to the soil. No mulch is used with drill seeding.

We mix in a soil glue called Tackifier. This insures the seed and mulch makes solid contact with the soil and resist being moved by wind and rain.

There is no potential damage to sprinkler heads, edging or concrete with hydroseeding. Some damage can occur due to the weight of the drill seeding equipment and the process. We will always be as careful as possible.

Hydroseeding can be applied to a steep slope as well as flat ground. Drill seeding can only be applied to flat ground or gentle sloped areas.

Hydroseeding can be applies in narrow areas. Drill seeding requires a minimum width of 48" including the gate. Due to the size of the drill seeding equipment, narrow areas, corners and areas with tight curves can not be drilled and must be hand seeded.


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