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How to care for your new lawn

Let your new lawn dry for 24 hours so the glue in the mulch will attach to the soil.
After the first 24 hours, your lawn MUST be kept moist enough that it is a chocolate brown color, but NOT saturated, at all times.  Be careful not to over water and cause puddling or erosion.
Reduce watering after your grass is between 2" to 3" high in all areas.
Keep ALL traffic to a minimum for 3 weeks.
It is normal for weed seeds in your soil to germinate and grow faster than your new grass. As soon as ANY weeds are 3" tall, MOW them and use a grass catcher. Mowing will stunt the growth of weeds and your new lawn will soon over take them.
Fertilize your new lawn in ONE MONTH with a good balanced lawn fertilizer such as Scotts™ Turf Builder. DO NOT USE a weed and feed product at this time.
Fertilize again approximately 30 days later. You may use a weed and feed product at this time if needed.


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